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Where are the linking Codes ?
Go under the Websites/Banners section and then click on one of the Banners Links. You will find the instructions for the linking codes at the top of the page. Here is an example of a linking code:

* Make sure to replace XXXXXX with your affiliate code.

How often will I get paid?
You will be paid once a week by CCBill if your check amount is over $25.00. If you do not reach $25.00 in one week, the amount will be transferred over to the next week. You choose whether you are paid by wire transfer or by check.

What does 50/50 Payout mean?
This means that for every signup you refer to us you will get paid 50% of the signup price. You will also receive 50% of the recurring charge, rebill, as long as the customer is a member.

Do I have to signup for each site individually?
Yes. Each time you sign up for an additional site you will have an option to retrieve your account information from your main account so you do not have to fill out the signup form again. You will also have the option each time you signup to group all of your CCBill affiliate accounts under one main account.

Do you offer Promotional content?
Yes. Please go to the banners or content section to see all promotional content. You will find banners and page ads in the Websites/Banner section. You will need to login with the user/pass supplied to you to access the promotional picture and video files under the Advertising Content section.

Can I use your content to create an AVS site or put it in my Members Area?
No. You cannot use our content to promote your own site or try and get customers to join your AVS or membership site. Our content can only be used as free marketing pages.

How do I get a user/pass for the Exclusive Promo Content?
You should have received a user/pass with the confirmation email from CCBill. If you did not receive a user/pass, please go to the Advertising Content Section and fill out the request form.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble?
Go to the Contact section and fill out the contact form. Please be specific as possible. You will receive a within 24-48 hours depending if it is on a weekend or a holiday

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